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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Rashmi back massageManual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle, ‘light touch’ form of massage based on pumping, circular and spiral shaped movements, which encourage the lymph fluid to flow more freely around the body.

What is the Dr Vodder method of MLD?

Dr. Emil and Estrid Vodder developed this technique in France in 1932. It has since become a popular manual technique to assist lymph flow and aid in drainage of tissues.

The skin is stretched and torqued over the underlying tissues using repetitive, circular and spiral shaped movements with a pressure increase, followed by a decrease in pressure leading to zero pressure. This change in pressure creates a pumping effect, which encourages the flow of the lymph fluid and drains excess fluid out of the connective tissue.

As no oils are used it is completely safe even for those with sensitive skin.The strokes are performed evenly and rhythmically inducing deep relaxation.

The technique is very gentle and should not cause any reddening of the skin. Therefore creams or ointments will not be applied to the skin.

Each and every treatment will commence with the therapist working on the neck. Placing their hands on either side of the neck, using gentle movements starting at a position just under the ears and working down the neck with a further two movements.

Since MLD is a drainage technique, the experienced therapist will have worked out a treatment plan in order to drain areas which are above the problem area. For example if there was a problem with the big toe, the therapist would begin treatment with the neck, followed by work on the abdomen, the leg, the foot and finally the big toe.

The rule for the Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist is to work proximal to distal. This means that clearing the pathways above the site of the problem allows the congested area to drain effectively.

Who should NOT receive treatment?

Patients with the following ailments are contraindicated to have MLD

  • Active Cancer
  • Acute Inflammation, especially in the form of an infection
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Thrombosis (blood clot)

MLD is also used for:

  • Post plastic surgery
  • Post operation inflammation
  • Post trauma
  • Prevention of lymphedema
  • Treatment of lipoedema and phleboedema

The lymphatic system is a part of the circulatory system comprising of a network of vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.

The lymphatic system aids the immune system in removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins and cancer cells.

The lymphatic absorbs fat and fat soluble vitamins from the digestive system and delivers these nutrients to the cells of the body. It also removes excess fluid and waste products.

MLD renews, nourishes, strengthens and regenerates the cells, removes waste production, relaxes the nerves system and boosts the immune system.

It also prevents and remedies many chronic conditions eg:

  • Pain-joint swelling, muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, migraine, chronic headaches
  • Skin-acne and other dermatological conditions
  • Fluid retention

  • Respiratory conditions
  • Immune conditions
  • Digestive conditions
  • Stress

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