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About Village Wellness Clinic

Village Wellness Clinic has been a staple of the Markham community for nearly 18 years. Located in the heart of the village, we’re convenient to all of the wonderful things the area has to offer with plenty of easy parking on site.

When you choose us for your care, we promise to do all that we can to help you achieve optimal wellness without the need for drugs or surgeries. We proudly welcome patients of all ages and stages of life, from infants to adults, seniors and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on offering patients a unique, focused experience when they enter the practice. Here, everyone gets custom care because we know that you’re more than just a number.

Building a Difference

While many natural wellness centers focus on getting people out of pain, we hope to go beyond that for patients. Our practitioners want to help you learn to make better, healthier decisions for life and become an advocate for your own health. We do this by offering a variety of different modalities, including chiropractic adjustments, naturopathic services, acupuncture and functional nutrition.

At the end of the day, we want to help as many people as we can. We’re here to make your lives better and healthier by diving deep to uncover what’s really going on in your body, and building a solid foundation for your health that will allow it to thrive.


Learn More Today

Wondering what Village Wellness Clinic can do for the health of you and your family? We can’t wait to welcome you into our care. Find out what’s waiting for you when you unlock your true health potential–contact us today to get started!


About Village Wellness Clinic | (905) 471-5311